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Name Player Count Time Item
fartstaff 2 1:16:24pm 12/19/16 The Reserve Shooter Image of  The Reserve Shooter
Tippy For You 2 12:22:26pm 12/19/16 L'Etranger Image of  L'Etranger
fartstaff 2 12:12:18pm 12/19/16 The Candy Cane Image of  The Candy Cane
AAC Honey Badger 2 9:06:48pm 12/18/16 The Back Scatter Image of  The Back Scatter
-|V|- Vet-San 10 8:50:00pm 12/18/16 Mann Co. Supply Munition Image of  Mann Co. Supply Munition
|SBB| Sir Billard 10 8:48:14pm 12/18/16 The Big Earner Image of  The Big Earner
Brave 9 8:37:31pm 12/18/16 The Ullapool Caber Image of  The Ullapool Caber
Rico 10 8:33:20pm 12/18/16 The Warrior's Spirit Image of  The Warrior's Spirit
Binoculars 10 8:30:53pm 12/18/16 Strange The Festive Holy Mackerel Image of Strange The Festive Holy Mackerel
Frost Too Tall 10 8:26:33pm 12/18/16 The Solemn Vow Image of  The Solemn Vow
Alex 9 8:23:03pm 12/18/16 The Tide Turner Image of  The Tide Turner
MeatMan 9 8:21:54pm 12/18/16 The Sun-on-a-Stick Image of  The Sun-on-a-Stick
Meatress Isisᴰᵉᶜᵏ-|V|- 8 8:18:27pm 12/18/16 The Chargin' Targe Image of  The Chargin' Targe
KUBA 9 8:06:05pm 12/18/16 Mann Co. Supply Munition Image of  Mann Co. Supply Munition
Cmd. Soufflé 8 7:59:29pm 12/18/16 The Black Box Image of  The Black Box
MeatMan 8 7:53:05pm 12/18/16 Mayflower Cosmetic Case Image of  Mayflower Cosmetic Case
|SBB| Sir Billard 6 7:44:52pm 12/18/16 The Buff Banner Image of  The Buff Banner
Rico 4 7:38:06pm 12/18/16 The Eviction Notice Image of  The Eviction Notice
Christmas_freddy 3 7:57:01am 12/18/16 Crit-a-Cola Image of  Crit-a-Cola
kill10er 3 7:50:20am 12/18/16 Baby Face's Blaster Image of  Baby Face's Blaster
⎛⎝-AS-Christmas Skull⎠⎞ 3 7:33:12am 12/18/16 The Tribalman's Shiv Image of  The Tribalman's Shiv
Christmas_freddy 5 6:52:40am 12/18/16 The Homewrecker Image of  The Homewrecker
kill10er 5 6:51:53am 12/18/16 The Market Gardener Image of  The Market Gardener
⎛⎝-AS-Christmas Skull⎠⎞ 6 6:28:13am 12/18/16 The Air Strike Image of  The Air Strike
kill10er 6 6:23:42am 12/18/16 Gloves of Running Urgently Image of  Gloves of Running Urgently
Men .We dont know what we did. 4 6:14:52am 12/18/16 The Red-Tape Recorder Image of  The Red-Tape Recorder
Christmas_freddy 3 6:08:58am 12/18/16 Earned: Bronze Dueling Badge Image of  Bronze Dueling Badge
Christmas_freddy 2 5:51:21am 12/18/16 Mad Milk Image of  Mad Milk
sekaac 2 5:27:18am 12/18/16 Found: The Cloak and Dagger Image of  The Cloak and Dagger
Christmas_freddy 2 5:21:05am 12/18/16 Found: The Ambassador Image of  The Ambassador
Christmas_freddy 2 5:36:55am 12/17/16 The Wrangler Image of  The Wrangler
Christmas_freddy 2 2:22:35am 12/17/16 The Rescue Ranger Image of  The Rescue Ranger
Yosephus 6 5:39:16pm 12/16/16 The Overdose Image of  The Overdose
ᴰᵉᶜᵏalienXcow24 6 5:33:26pm 12/16/16 The Brass Beast Image of  The Brass Beast
Acnologia9617 11 5:11:14pm 12/16/16 Mann Co. Supply Munition Image of  Mann Co. Supply Munition
Acnologia9617 11 5:11:14pm 12/16/16 The Splendid Screen Image of  The Splendid Screen
Avarice. 6 5:06:09pm 12/16/16 Jarate Image of  Jarate
alien found his valentine 5 5:00:47pm 12/16/16 The Short Circuit Image of  The Short Circuit
Avarice. 2 4:29:20pm 12/16/16 Traded for: Unusual Détective Noir Image of Unusual Détective Noir
NH Effortless 2 4:20:54pm 12/16/16 The Enforcer Image of  The Enforcer
Avarice. 2 4:01:03pm 12/16/16 The Wrap Assassin Image of  The Wrap Assassin
Derb Derbus 4 3:56:32pm 12/16/16 Crafted: Reclaimed Metal Image of  Reclaimed Metal
Derb Derbus 4 3:55:51pm 12/16/16 Crafted: Scrap Metal Image of  Scrap Metal
Derb Derbus 4 3:55:37pm 12/16/16 Crafted: Scrap Metal Image of  Scrap Metal
Christmas_freddy 4 10:38:57am 12/16/16 The Tribalman's Shiv Image of  The Tribalman's Shiv
sekaac 4 10:37:47am 12/16/16 The Bushwacka Image of  The Bushwacka
*hunter_gorms_studios* 3 10:34:05am 12/16/16 Found: Jarate Image of  Jarate
*hunter_gorms_studios* 3 10:19:13am 12/16/16 Crusader's Crossbow Image of  Crusader's Crossbow
sekaac 3 9:51:54am 12/16/16 The Classic Image of  The Classic
Christmas_freddy 2 9:37:26am 12/16/16 The Boston Basher Image of  The Boston Basher
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